Arizona strikes a blow against the anti-gunners! 


Arizona’s Republican governor on Monday slammed the lid on future universal background check laws proposed by any local ordinance.

The measure signed by Gov. Doug Ducey this week, SB 1122, short circuits potential local requirements mandating a background check for the transfer of property between two private individuals. The proposal passed the Senate 16-14 in March and the House 32-23 last month.

Backers argued that the legislation would safeguard the sale or gifting of personal items, be it furniture or firearms, without government involvement.

“If I want to sell … any of my personal property, including weapons, I should be able to do that,” Rep. Anthony Kern said during floor debate. “It is up to me as a responsible seller to make sure I know who the buyer is. It’s called America and it’s called the Second Amendment.”

The legislation, now law, prevents any Arizona county, city or town government from passing a local ordinance or law requiring those selling, gifting or donating personal property from having to use a third-party database before transferring the items. While it applies to all general household goods, it would also preempt universal background checks on private gun sales.

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