Sen. McBride finally had to take "no" for an answer. 


Democrats in the state Senate failed on Tuesday to muscle through a rejuvenated bill to outlaw many semi-auto firearms while a gun seizure proposal had better luck.

Although SB 163 had already been turned away by a key Senate committee, Majority Leader David McBride attempted this week to take the unusual step of voting to override the chamber’s rules and hold a floor debate on the measure to ban various guns deemed “assault weapons.” With Dems controlling the body by a single seat, McBride needed all hands on deck to push the override through but failed after two members of his own party crossed the aisle and cast their lot with Republicans...

Although there was a partisan divide over SB 163, lawmakers in the Senate voted unanimously in favor of HB 222, which would enable a family member or law enforcement to seek an emergency “Lethal Violence Protection Order” to temporarily seize the guns from someone thought to be a threat to themselves or others. The measure passed the House earlier this month without a single opposing vote.

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