What a joke... 

Via Guns.com:

A New York Democrat has introduced a measure to the U.S. House which would require the sale of handguns with authorized user technology.

U.S. Rep. Carolyn B. Maloney reintroduced The Handgun Trigger Safety Act last week which pushes “smart guns” by ordering within five years that all newly manufactured handguns include technology enabling only authorized users to fire the pistol. Existing handguns would have to be retrofitted within 10 years. The lawmaker argues a mandate to only sell guns so enabled with lock-out features would save lives.

“How many more kids have to die? How many more police officers have to be killed with their own weapon before we come to our senses?” said Maloney. “We wouldn’t drive in cars or use baby cribs that didn’t adopt the latest safety technology, and we shouldn’t use guns that don’t take advantage of this technology either.”

The bill, filed as H.R. 2380, would authorize grants to develop the technology and mandate that, within five years of adoption, all new handguns made in the country would be personalized, and that within 10 years all pistols offered for sale would have to be retrofitted with the technology. Manufacturers would be able to defray the cost of retrofitting by applying for grants from the Department of Justice.

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