Looks like Australia is taking a page out of Hollywood's playbook. "Guns are bad, unless we can make money off of them."

via Guns.com

Government officials in Australia unveiled a multi-billion dollar strategy Monday to become one of the world’s top arms exporters by 2028.

Defense Minister Christopher Pyne said growing Australia’s defense exports — currently worth between AU$1.5 billion and AU$2.5 billion — will create jobs and spur economic growth, boosting the country’s reputation around the globe.

“It is an ambitious, positive plan to boost Australian industry, increase investment, and create more jobs for Australian businesses,” Pyne said in a news release Monday. “Australia has so many defence industry success stories: Thales’ Bushmaster, Hawkei and sonars, Austal’s ships and engineering and CEA’s world beating radar, amongst many others. This strategy sets the conditions for even more success, and more defence industry jobs in the future.”

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