It’s back…

Gunpocalypse is rearing it’s ugly head again.

And I can’t stress how important it is to MAKE YOUR VOICE HEARD!

There are only 3 days left to pass some of the worst gun control legislation we have ever seen.

If we can hold them up, the bills will be dead after Friday’s session concludes.

There is really no time to waste. If we make enough noise there is a chance that we can kill these 6 terrible, unconstitutional bills!

The bills are:

  • AB 1664, which will BAN all firearms with a bullet button;
  • AB 1673, which will CRIMINALIZE the possession of unserialized firearms parts;
  • AB 1674, which will BAN buying more than one firearm within a 30 day period;
  • AB 1695, which will send gun owners HARASSING mailers regarding the myriad of laws they have already complied with.
  •  AB 2607 which EXPANDS the recently enacted Gun Violence Restraining Orders to allow your boss, coworker, therapist or professor to file to have your gun rights secretly stripped away.
  • SB 1332, which is intended to accompany AB 1511 to ban loans between family members, friends, colleagues and would- be victims.

We ask you to sign a lot of petitions, but we wouldn’t do it if it didn’t work.

Because of you we were able to kill AB 2459, which would have been a de facto BAN on gun dealers in the state.

Because of you we were able to defeat AB 1681, which would have allowed the government a back door in to the cell phones of gun owners.

Because of you we beat SB 1037, which would have made firearms transfer paperwork violations akin to capital murder.

And because of you we were able to annihilate AB 1663, which would have BANNED WWII era rifles.

Let’s add a few more to that list.

Sign the petition opposing ALL 6 of bills of the Gunpocalypse before they are heard.

Make a difference! Kill these bills!