2018 will be an absolutely critical year for gun rights.

The gun control elitists think that this is finally their time, that they will take 2018 by storm!

Everytown, Giffords, and the Brady campaign are already plotting with anti-gun Senators like Richard Blumenthal (D-CT) and Dianne Feinstein (D-CA) to pass bills that would ban your semi-automatic riflesban your magazines, and even regulate the toy guns that you buy for your children!

And they say they’re excited and that they’re looking forward to even more big wins in 2018!

They think 2018 will be their year!

We can’t let this happen!

Stand with FPC today and stop the 2018 gun-grab by the anti-gun elitists!

Listen, they’re openly mocking you.

They’re telling you to your face that they are coming after you, your guns, and even your children’s toy guns!

They want it ALL.

All of it! And unless someone fights back, they’re going to ruin the New Year!

Help FPC stop them by making a contribution today!

We can’t stress this enough.

If gun owners and Second Amendment advocates don’t come together, 2018 WILL BE A BAD YEAR FOR GUN RIGHTS.

Stop the gun grabbers NOW and save the Second Amendment in 2018!


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This is a gun that any gun grabber would love to get their hands on to ban and it could be yours this Christmas!

But this is more than just winning a $3,300 firearm.

This is about beating these fanatical gun control elitists, pushing back on their gun control agenda, and enacting strong pro-Second Amendment legislation in 2018!

We can’t do this alone and neither can you so we need to come together and fight back against these tyrants TOGETHER.

Help us stop this anti-Second Amendment gun control push in 2018, push forward strong, pro-gun bills, save the Bill of Rights, and make the New Year the best year for gun rights to date!