Green Party Presidential Candidate Jill Stein knows that forced disarmament won't work. Her solution: persuade people to turn in guns instead. Check out the excerpt from her interview below.

Via Vox:

Jill Stein:

On the other hand, I think the gun control issue is a very difficult one. In Norway, Norway really moved forward with gun control by persuading people to give up their guns, and in order to do that you need to have the proper things in place. So in Norway, among other countries, police have also demilitarized and go without guns. Not in all areas of Norway, but in many. And, interestingly, in those districts where police are not armed, they are actually safer. It’s not only the public that is safer but the police are safer because they cease to become targets.

I think we need to begin to move in that direction, and I do believe as a society that we need to disarm because we are now an armed garrison state, and everyone is in the crossfire right now — black lives are in the target hairs, and police are also in the target hairs. We’ve become a culture of open carry — not just guns but assault weapons and sniper rifles.

It’s really dangerous to be out there in the world. This is not a world we can safely live in, that our children can safely live in — we need to change. But in order to do that we need to come together. We need to take steps toward this that are confidence building measures, so we don’t become a state in an all-out shoot-out, which we could become readily if government authorities were flying in and taking weapons away. That’s going to be very problematic; that’s not going to happen, because people are armed.

I think we need to start with first measures first, and we need to demonstrate that we have a government we can trust — because, right now, we have a government people feel like that they cannot trust. Not on guns, not on medications, not on health care, not the Supreme Court. A recent study showed 90 percent of people do not have good confidence in governmental institutions. The rate of trust in Congress is approximately 4 percent. So we have damage control to do here before we can move forward.


Let me make sure I’m understanding you correctly — you think part of the reason a gun confiscation program is too far is because there’s so little faith in American government.

Jill Stein:

Right, and I think it would be explosive and it wouldn’t work, at least without a lot of guns being shot, and I don’t think we want to plunge headlong into a gun fight.

America is very armed, and you don’t want to trigger an all-out gun fight right now. Like in Norway, people were persuaded this was time for them to disarm. I know as a medical doctor you often need to persuade people to do things they don’t want to do, and to do that you have to establish trust. And you have to establish a common vision and a dialogue and a sense of community — then you can move forward.

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