Just as he has in year’s past, Governor Brown signed a budget that is dead set on raiding another fund that is fully financed by gun buyers.

This time, the state plans on raiding the Firearms Safety Enforcement Fund, which you pay in to every time you purchase a gun!

These fees will pay for the Armed Prohibited Persons Program (APPs), which also recently raided DROs (Dealer Record of Sales) fees. The problem: the program is a total failure!

Brown’s signature also gave anti-gun AG Kamala Harris the authority to raise these fees to support APPs program!

Additionally, Governor Brown gave $5 million to the University of California to fund research in “gun violence prevention.”

As you can see, this year’s budget was full of funding for failed anti-gun programs and ideas. But Governor Brown’s signature of the budget really doesn’t came as any surprise. After all, most of these programs were the idea of those within his administration.

But, we have a HUGE opportunity coming up! Gunpocalypse is almost to the Governor’s desk and the Legislature, not the Governor or his administration, came up with the terrible, freedom-infringing ideas that make up Gunpocalypse.