Today, Tuesday June 26th , 2017  was a busy day in Sacramento for Second Amendment policy and advocacy

Not only did the Office of Administrative Law (OAL) reject the California Department of Justice’s (DOJ)  overly-broad and unlawful “assault weapons” regulations, the Governor signed into law a somewhat related measure; AB 103.

Due to the fact this measure was considered a “ budget bill”, a legislative trick to ram through policy without the proper hearings, it takes effect immediately, which is a mixed bag for  gun owners.

This means that as of today, if you have an outstanding warrant for a felony or certain prohibiting misdemeanors you may be guilty of an additional crime if you own or possess firearms.

That’s right--even if you are never charged or never convicted of the underlying offense, even if you are not even aware of the warrant’s existence you may be criminally liable for otherwise lawful possession of a firearm.

This is bad news and FPC will continue to work to get that portion fixed, but AB 103 also extends the deadline to register newly re-defined “ assault weapons” to July 1, 2018. While it is unfortunate that the DOJ has chosen the low road and has been unable to promulgate legal regulations to assist law-abiding Californians, this extension at least gives some breathing room for those who earnestly want to comply.

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