Via Gateway Pundit: 

“A high-level deputy director in Mayor de Blasio’s Office of Criminal Justice was arrested on weapons charges this weekend, police say.

Reagan Stevens, the Deputy Director of Youth and Strategic Initiatives, was charged along with two men after officers found the trio in a vehicle with a loaded handgun late Saturday night, according to police.

Officers were responding to ShotSpotter, the NYPD’s bullet-detection system, near the corner of 177th Street and 106th Avenue in Jamaica when police say they found the “suspicious” vehicle double-parked nearby.

The officers found the loaded 9mm handgun in a glove compartment, according to police, who said the weapon holds an eight-round clip but that only three rounds were remaining. Police said it wasn’t immediately clear if the gun had been recently fired.

Stevens, 42, was charged with criminal possession of a loaded firearm and criminal possession of a defaced weapon, as were the two men, identified by police as 24-year-old Montell Hughes and 25-year-old Caesar Forbes.”

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