Coverage of FPC's acquisition of the "hidden" AW regulations. 

Via The Fresno Bee:

The DOJ, through spokesman Chris Moyer, declined comment other than to say Tuesday that the regulations would be released within 30 days.

Brandon Combs, president of the Firearms Policy Coalition, said the release of the document came after attorneys for the coalition were preparing to file a lawsuit to gain access to the regulations. However, he added there may be other legal action by the group.

“Even now, our attorneys are continuing to explore possible legal action. The DOJ and (state) Office of Administrative Law’s denial of constitutional rights was outrageous and we don’t want to see this kind of obstruction happen again.”

Before the release, Combs said the DOJ sent the documents to the state Office of Administrative Law in “file and print” status in an effort to bypass public comment on the regulations. Combs said this followed a similar action in January when the DOJ ended up pulling the regulations after challenges by gun-rights groups.

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