Chip In $10

California Senate Bill 347, a gun control measure authored by Assembly member Hannah-Beth Jackson of Santa Barbara, could face a floor vote in the Senate as early as tomorrow morning.

Yesterday, your Firearms Policy Coalition filed a “floor alert” letter of opposition to Senate Bill 347, urging members of the California Senate to vote “no” on this unnecessary anti-gun bill.

Senate Bill 347 would add several new offenses to the list of violations that result in ban on firearms and ammunition for a full decade, including many non-violent technical violations of California’s voluminous existing gun laws, stripping people of their Second Amendment right to keep and bear arms.

As our letter explains, “SB 347 would expand the number and type of non-violent technical law violations for which otherwise innocent, law-abiding people would be prohibited from possessing or owning firearms…”

For example, “Some of the technical violations…include: transporting a lawfully-owned firearm but forgetting to close the lock on the case on the trip home from the shooting range [and] accidentally having one round of ammunition in your purse or car at night school.”

Additionally, SB 347 would further burden the California APPS system, which is already failing to deal with an extensive backlog of armed and prohibited persons, according to a recent report from CBS Sacramento.