Imagine losing your constitutional right to keep and bear arms as a penalty for committing the heinous crime of throwing a frisbee on the beach in the City of Los Angeles or spitting on the sidewalk in the City of Hemet. It sounds crazy, right? Well, not to one California legislator. 

Assemblyman Evan Low (D- San Francisco) introduced a bill (AB 264) that would have required the courts to consider a protective order (TRO) against ANYONE convicted for ANY CRIME (including INFRACTIONS and NON-VIOLENT MISDEMEANORS) in the state of California.

And one of the consequences of having a TRO filed against you is that YOU LOSE YOUR ABILITY TO OWN OR POSSESS A FIREARM as long as it is in place.

Crazy right?!

Well FPC was able to stop this bill dead in it’s tracks.

We were the first organization to call out Asm. Low on his attempt to take away the rights of Californians for petty, victimless offenses. And after reaching out to other groups like the ACLU and the California Public Defenders Association, we were able to create a coalition that had Low surrounded on all sides.

Low would eventually cave under the pressure and amend his bill, putting an end to this blatant attempt to usurp the rights of gun owners.

This is an example of your contributions at work!

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