In a one-two punch, Firearms Policy Coalition has again knocked the gun grabbers to the mat.

This week, FPC is happy to announce it has officially defeated two more gun control measures!

Gun rationing is dead

First, FPC has defeated gun rationing in California by getting Senate Bill 1100 amended. Originally, this piece of legislation would have banned purchasing more than one firearm in a 30-day period.

This was gun rationing, plain and simple. Worse, it was the government rationing out a Constitutionally-enumerated right like MREs. But fortunately for law-abiding Californians, this aspect of the bill is dead and will not haunt gun owners any longer.

Unfortunately, the bill as it stands is still pushing an illegal age prohibition on gun ownership by requiring Californians to be at least 21 in order to purchase a firearm. We are continuing to fight this aspect of the bill, and hold out hope it will be defeated as well.

Do Not Sell List Bill is No More

FPC also managed to outright beat Assembly Bill 1927, which could have required DOJ to oversee a program where people could add themselves to the Do Not Sell list. People on this list would have been prohibited from purchasing a firearm. But what really made this bill bad was the fact it would have opened the door for people to steal your identity and place your name on the list. You would have then been barred from purchasing firearms. Worse, your name would have been added to the federal NICS list of prohibited persons, making it a federal crime to purchase a firearm.

AB 1927 tried to pass itself off as a benign way for troubled individuals to voluntarily add themselves to the Do Not Sell list. But the program contained all sorts of loopholes and implementation SNAFUs that would have easily resulted in law-abiding gun owners getting the short end of the stick again.

Hard work pays off

These victories come on the heels of months of opposition by FPC. We sent numerous formal letters of opposition, organized our members to take action and call the tyrant legislators, and deployed lobbyist Craig DeLuz to the state Capitol. DeLuz fought against these bills tirelessly, meeting personally with bill authors, legislators, and staff to make FPC’s opposition known and help secure these much-needed victories.

These wins are resounding victories for freedom in a state that despises liberty, and FPC is proud to have led the charge against these bills.