The use of children to push a political agenda is pathetic, to say the least.

Via the Sacramento Bee: 

But at many schools in the Sacramento region, the National School Walkout had the feel of a vigil and a call to action for a generation approaching voting age. Students largely avoided political topics, although some of the state’s highest-ranking politicians attended their rallies and the issue of gun control did come up...

...Locally, Craig DeLuz, spokesman for lobbying and advocacy group Firearms Policy Coalition, questioned whether it was appropriate for schools to have sanctioned the walkouts in many locations.

"The idea of encouraging students to be truant from school over a political position over which you happen to agree I think is a little disingenuous," DeLuz said. "I wish that as much energy and effort was included in actually teaching the entire Bill of Rights, including the Second Amendment, as was put in by schools to avoid or ignore it."

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