“What went wrong?”

That’s probably the question California State Senator John Moorlach (R-Costa Mesa) keeps asking himself after his anti-gun, public disarmament bill went down in flames in the CA. Senate Appropriations Committee.

Moorlach’s bill, SB 1099, would have made it a crime to carry a concealed firearm (even with a CCW) or any object that could be used for self-defense at a public protest or demonstration. But after months of trying to push this unconstitutional bill on Californians, Moorach was shut down by the very anti-gun state legislature he’d been crawling up the pant legs of.

Indeed, Moorlach was pretty invested in his bill… which he still claims isn’t anti-gun. He publicly railed against the Firearms Policy Coalition early in the committee process, claiming that he came to FPC for amendments and didn’t receive any. Which, of course, is a bald-faced lie. We told Moorlach in no-uncertain terms that his bill was so shockingly unconstitutional that no amendment could make the bill good enough to support. However, we did inform him that, at minimum, he needed to provide an exemption for CCW-holders and other items that are in common use for self defense in his bill.

The problem is the bill never would have stopped anyone from breaking the law. Because it’s already illegal to throw glass bottles at people or beat up people with wooden shields! And the ANTIFA terrorists don’t follow the law to begin with. Which means only the law-abiding would have been affected by Moorlach’s bill. And that’s exactly what we told him weeks before the committee hearing. 

Make no mistake, John Moorlach’s SB 1099 would have only put people who follow the law in harm’s way. Which is why we worked so hard to get this anti-First AND Second Amendment bill shot down.

People who believe in the Constitution, and those who value Constitutional rights can now fully rejoice!