Earlier this morning, FPC and other advocates opposed to Lt. Governor Gavin Newsom’s Ammo Ban presented their arguments to the Joint Legislative Committee on Public Safety.

And Gavin Newsom, even though he has relentlessly attacked your right to Keep and Bear Arms, didn’t even bother to show up! Instead, he sent his cronies from the Law Center to Prevent Gun Violence to espouse his positions.

How ridiculous!

Our advocate rocked the house and changed the committee’s narrative from focusing on budgeting for the initiative, to the blatant fact that Newsom didn’t even have the courage to show up and defend his policies.

Newsom has literally been trying for months to strip away our ability to defend ourselves and our families and destroy the livelihoods of countless Californians… And when the cameras are on, when he’s expected to present his arguments, he can’t even take the elevator up four floors.

Now that the hearing is over, we need you to tell the Legislature they shouldn’t consider supporting this, or any other measure, that effectively seeks to implement onerous regulations on ammunition or confiscate any legally owned firearms parts.