Gun grabbers in the California Senate want to ration your civil rights.

Sen. Portantino (D-LaCanada) isn’t satisfied that you already can’t purchase more than one pistol or revolver every 30 days. He wants to make sure, through his SB 497, that you can’t purchase more than one gun of ANY type every 30 days.

This immoral and unjust bill will be heard before the Senate Public Safety Committee TOMORROW, and the committee needs to hear from you.

Well, Senator, it is not up to YOU to decide how and when law-abiding people can exercise their fundamental rights.

SB 497 was scheduled to be heard two weeks ago, but the hearing was pushed back - meaning we have another chance to KILL THIS BILL in committee!

Portantino told the LA Times that there is no reason why someone would need to buy more than one long gun each month, and that one of the purposes of his bill was to prevent straw purchasers from obtaining more long guns.

Rationing the rights of law-abiding people is NOT the way to prevent people with nefarious motives from getting their hands on a gun. And, Senator, you don’t need to understand anyone’s reasons for exercising a fundamental right.

Will you join us in urging the members of the Senate Public Safety Committee to vote NO on this bill? The Second Amendment is not a Second Class right!