Your voice needs to be heard in Sacramento TODAY on three crucial gun bills that will be heard in committee tomorrow.

In the Assembly, the Public Safety Committee will hear AB 757, which would make California a “shall issue” state for concealed carry permits. The members of this committee still need to HEAR FROM YOU. They thought gun owners would roll over after Gunpocalypse, and YOU are showing them that you are watching and you will not be silent.

In the Senate, the Public Safety Committee will hear SB 497 and SB 710.

Sen. Portantino (D-LaCanada) isn’t satisfied that you already can’t purchase more than one handgun every 30 days. He wants to make sure, through his SB 497, that you can’t purchase more than one gun of ANY type every 30 days. Contact the committee now and voice your opposition to this rationing of your civil rights!

Sen. Joel Anderson’s SB 710 deletes the felony prohibition on possession of a firearms sound suppressor, or “silencer,” and  authorizes an individual in lawful possession of one to use it while hunting. Contact the committee and tell them you support this bill, which start the process of legalizing suppressors in the state.

Your voice is being heard in Sacramento! Please TAKE ACTION on these bills today and remind our legislators that Team FPC is watching.