Because you are a gun owner, a California State Senator called you “crazy, vicious and heartless.”

He blamed you for the terrorist attack in Orlando.

He stated you don’t care about keeping people safe, and you are only more concerned about holding a weapon in your hand.

Because you are a gun owner, he said you have “a dirty, filthy mouth that needs to be washed with soap.”

Well, here’s your chance to tell Senator Hall that you’ll bring the soap.

Yesterday, our lobbyist Craig DeLuz stopped by his office with a bar of soap.

Of course, the Senator did not have time to physically wash out Craig’s mouth.

Now, we need gun owners from across the country to contact Senator Hall and demand that he retract his accusations.

And also tell him that you’ll bring the soap.

Call Sen. Hall’s office and politely let him know what you think of his statement: 916-651-4035