Yet another attack in a gun-free zone... 

Via Fox News:

The Route 91 Harvest Festival debuted in 2014 as part of Las Vegas’ push to have more live music options. Since the first year, the three-day festival has sold out each year.

With the large volumes of people attending, MGM Resorts, who owns and operates the Village, placed restrictions on what people could and could not bring into the open-air venue. According to the official website, concert-goers were prohibited from bringing in “weapons, firearms, pepper stray, pocket knives or mace,” or “bags or backpacks.” 

Live Nation – the promotors behind the festival – issued a statement about the tragedy.

“We are heartbroken over the tragedy that took place at the Route 91 festival. To think that anyone would want to inflict harm on a gathering of music lovers is beyond our comprehension.”

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