Another shooting, another call for gun control by the uber-wealthy.

This time, CEOs from Twitter and Uber are calling for even stricter gun control laws in California when quite literally the only thing that could have prevented this shooting was making YouTube NOT a gun-free zone. But now, in their twisted logic, they want to essentially make the REST of the nation a gun-free zone.

It is only a matter of time before these elitists throw their checkbooks behind the effort to disarm you, leaving your family defenseless against criminals and big-government tyrants.  


That’s why we need you to step up and get in the fight today!

Uber’s CEO claims that this tragedy should “push us again to #EndGunViolence”, but thousands of guns have already been banned in California and this incident still happened. And now the solution is to push for more gun laws in California and Californicate the rest of the nation with anti-constitutional garbage.

So what is the true meaning of “ending gun violence”? It seems to be complete gun confiscation.  

If the elitists on the far left had their way, only their bodyguards, criminals, and the government would have guns.

CEOs of tech companies like Uber and Twitter are surrounded with armed guards, but they think you should be without. Doesn’t that seem a little hypocritical?

We at Firearms Policy Coalition think that it is wholly wrong that a rich billionaire like Uber’s Dara Khosrowshahi is using his funds to attack the 2nd Amendment.

Their immense financial influence doesn’t scare us because OUR Second Amendment rights are worth fighting for.

But we can’t continue the fight without your help.

Please, help us combat these big-money elitists today for the sake of the Second Amendment!

Donate to the cause and help us fight back against these billionaires in their ivory towers.