Finally some good news... 

Via Eden Prairie News: 

The Eden Prairie City Council has opted not to vote on a resolution that would have asked Eden Prairie firearms retailers to consider not selling assault-style weapons and to increase the minimum purchase age for guns to 21.

The council discussed the non-binding resolution outlining these requests on Tuesday, May 15. The city was considering this action to “implore state and national elected officials to enact common-sense gun reform to keep our communities safe,” according to the proposed resolution.

On April 17, Eden Prairie residents approached the council during its public comment time and asked the city to consider a ban on assault weapons. City Councilor Ron Case brought up the idea of the council considering the adoption of a non-binding resolution about not selling assault-style weapons and not selling firearms to people under age 21. Several of the other councilors agreed with Case about looking into it, and city staff was directed to draft the resolution.

At the same meeting, City Attorney Ric Rosow gave a presentation about firearms regulations, which indicated that the city has few legal options for regulating firearms. The Legislature preempts all authority of a home rule or statutory city to regulate firearms, ammunition or their components. Some exceptions are that a city can regulate the discharge of firearms and the city can adopt regulations that are identical to state law. The city can also regulate the location of businesses where firearms are sold through its zoning ordinances.

The proposed resolution states that the city of Eden Prairie supports the rights of all citizens outlined in the Second Amendment and abides by state and federal laws for the sales of guns an ammunition. The City Council recognizes that it has no legal authority to limit the sale of guns and ammunition in Eden Prairie.

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