Don’t lawmakers have anything better to do?

You might have thought we’d dodged the most idiotic proposal of the year when Governor Brown vetoed AB 1673, which would have defined things that are not firearms as firearms. But the California Legislature is now pushing SB 1332.

SB 1332, authored by Senator Tony Mendoza (D-Artesia), addresses the “loaning” of firearms with potential new laws about hyper-nuanced events, creates imaginary problems, and then solves them with even more hyper-nuanced solutions.

Want to leave your gun with your firearm instructor for safekeeping while you are on vacation? It will take two, and potentially up to four, personally signed notes approved by the Department of Justice.

That’s in addition to no less than nine other requirements, which include fees, postage, written text and a trip to the gun store.

Want to leave your bedside gun exactly where it is, and still accessible to your partner for lawful self-defense, while you’re away on a business trip? You’d better plan in advance.

SB 1332 says you must comply with seven requirements, including fees and a trip to the gun store.

Who in their right mind is even going to comply with these laws?

But, if you are caught to be in violation of this micromanagement of mundane personal affairs, the maximum penalty is incarceration.

Sounds absolutely stupid… and you probably think it can’t get worse, right?

As if they challenged themselves to take the merely ridiculous and make it completely asinine, the Assembly Appropriations Committee amended SB 1332 so that it is fully funded by the Firearms Safety Enforcement Fund.

This fund is paid for by firearms purchasers every time you go to buy a gun – and it has no relation to anything that SB 1332 attempts to enforce.

This comes after Governor Brown already raided the very same fund to give almost $5 million to the Armed Prohibited Persons Program (APPs), a totally failed program which will, in all likelihood, bankrupt the fund.

Brown also gave anti-gun Attorney General Kamala Harris the authority to raise the fees associated with the program.

To sum it up, SB 1332 will create new crimes for being responsible and having a roommate or significant other, and then it will draw enforcement money from a fund that is on its way to being bankrupted.

But A.G. Harris will “save” the day by raising fees on gun buyers… because she doesn’t give a s**t about what you have to pay.

Standard Sacramento scheme.

All hope, however, is not lost. This bill has had a difficult time moving through the Legislature at the same speed as the other gun bills.

Help us stop this stupid idea before we’re expected to follow yet another idiotic law, and then pay for the privilege.