Chip In $10

Anti-gun politicians in California aren’t just attacking your Second Amendment rights -- they want to silence your speech and protest about their unconstitutional gun control schemes, too.

Next Monday, our FPC civil rights attorneys are going to be arguing before a federal judge in an effort to strike down a California law that bans truthful political speech and protest -- like the speech some of our own members were censored by the government over.

Last July, the State of California directly threatened an FPC member after they published a pro-gun political article that responded to the “Gunpocalypse” package of gun control bills that were passed by the Legislature and signed by Governor Brown.

After FPC member “Publius” published a political article that included an aptly-named “Tyrant Registry” on their political blog, a State attorney sent a threatening takedown demand letter, saying that “My office represents the California State Legislature,” and that they “reserve the right to file an action seeking injunctive relief, as well as associated court costs and attorney’s fees” against Publius -- and anyone else who publishes or re-publishes the speech, including you and I.

The State of California went so far as to threaten people on the other side of the country for re-posting the information, targeting people like Derek Hoskins, the owner of the NorthEastShooters web forums and a Massachusetts resident.

Even the L.A. Times thinks the State of California is unconstitutionally infringing important First Amendment rights, saying in one op-ed that, “In this case, the gun activists are right.”

And as we said back in August when the Publius case was filed, FPC will not tolerate it or its members being censored by any government.

If you support pro-gun free speech and the right to protest against anti-gun laws and politicians, please consider chipping in a small donation to help us fund this important civil rights lawsuit.