Chip In $10

That's in addition to the 900+ page opposition that FPC and FPF filed. 

Via Dallas News: 

A regulatory agency received more than 97,000 comments on a proposed nationwide ban on bump stocks, the device used in a Las Vegas concert massacre that left 58 people dead last October.

The 90-day comment period ended at midnight Wednesday, and gun control advocates and Second Amendment advocates from Texas and across the country were eager to share their fears — of violence, or of losing their gun rights...

Libertarian Texas House District 10 candidate Matt Savino opposed the ban on legal grounds, noting that the trigger still functions separately each time a semiautomatic weapon is fired, even with the assistance of a bump stock.

"While bump stock devices will now be treated as machine guns under these regulations, they also raise serious questions in regard to AR-15s and other semiautomatic rifles — as they are now on the brink of being designated as machine guns by the next anti-gun administration," Savino wrote.

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