They're coming, people! "Smart gun" technology is slowly being developed and there are bills in Congress right now that would mandate that every gun sold in the US be fitted with this "smart gun" technology!

Make sure your Representative knows how you feel about this TODAY.

Via The Daily Beast

Gun control has bifurcated the nation’s politics, torn apart families, and created a raging debate about the right to own guns guaranteed by the Constitution’s Second Amendment.

But what if guns were safe? What if they came with a biometric lock that prevented a person who didn’t own that gun from using it?

In August 2016, Brooklyn borough president Eric Adams announced a smart gun design competition to create what he referred to as a “safer gun.” Adams, who retired from the New York Police Department after serving for 22 years, told The Daily Beast that the development of a smart gun is a potential compromise between gun rights and gun control activists.

To be sure, the concept of a “smart” gun has been around for a few years and is not new. Efforts have been under way for a few years but have never really bubbled up to viability; Motherboard went so far as to call the pursuit dead last year.

The team that emerged victorious in the competition—after several months of tinkering on a design that ultimately failed—was a trio of scrappy students at New York University’s Tandon School of Engineering.

Their system involves a two-step hierarchy involved in unlocking the gun, ensuring that only the user can access the gun. Unlocking a gun kicks off with a fingerprint scanner. If the fingerprint scanner succeeds in identifying the fingerprint of the person, the user can access step two: checking to see if you’re in range. A radio frequency identification (RFID) tag is on the user’s person within a short distance, and the holster checks to see if the tag is in range.

If, however, something doesn’t work in the processing—the fingerprint is too smudgy or sweaty, the user forgets to use their RFID tag, Clarke said some backup measures were in place. A voice-activated command will disable the gun’s safety features and unlock the holster but require the user to get a brand new set.

And if you’re not authorized to use the smart gun voice activation backup plan? Well, you’re out of luck.

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