Frank Juliano for the Connecticut Post reports:

BRIDGEPORT – The Aquarion Water Co. is contributing $2,500 to fund another round of the city’s gun buyback program.

The announcement was made Wednesday morning at the Margaret E. Morton Government Center. Mayor Bill Finch said the area water utility is the first corporate donor to an effort that has taken more than 1,000 guns off the streets of the city over the last three years.

…In the Gun Buyback program, the police department has a “no questions asked” policy that will allow people to turn in weapons anonymously without fear of being prosecuted for illegal gun possession. However, the program’s focus is to make Bridgeport a safer place to live, so the program now is limited to residents of Bridgeport.

It’s interesting that politicians are more concerned with removing guns from their cities, than they are with illegal guns to be turned in with no questions asked.

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