Earlier today we told you about a pro-gun measure that would move us closer to “shall” issue carry in California. 

That hearing has been moved to next week in the Assembly Committee on Public Safety, so keep that support coming!

We can’t let up now.

But we also need to alert you to what is happening in the Senate Committee on Public Safety tomorrow.

There are two anti-gun measures up Tuesday March 28th:

SB 497: This measure, brought to you the same politician who banned loaded open carry, Senator Portantino, will ration firearms purchases to one-gun-per-month. That means one handgun or one long gun, per month, effectively rationing your civil rights. OPPOSE this Measure.

SB 536: This bill will allow data regarding “ gun violence restraining orders” -- those orders that result from secret hearings and hearsay evidence-- to used for research , but only for an anti-gun researcher at the University of California and any other research organization that the California Department of Justice deems worthy. That means pro-gun organizations will not have access to the same data that anti-gun groups do.  OPPOSE this measure.

I know you are getting more alerts than usual today, but it is the season for legislation and gun rights never sleep.

Thank you for engaging with your representatives. Your calls and emails make all the difference.