We would expect nothing less... 

Theodore Schleifer for CNN reports:

President Barack Obama and other top Democrats -- including Hillary Clinton -- find themselves in a familiar place following the mass shooting in Charleston, South Carolina, on Wednesday: Pleading for gun control while knowing it's unlikely to happen.

....Rep. Mark Sanford, R-South Carolina, told CNN's Wolf Blitzer on Thursday Obama and Clinton were out of line to push for gun reform in the days after the killings.

"Too often in the wake of tragedies like this, advocates on both sides of the debate, use the debate towards their own end," Sanford said. "Moving to a large debate on gun control I don't think is what should come in the immediate aftermath, within 24 hours, of this tragedy taking place."

New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie echoed that sentiment in comments to CNN following a town hall event in New Hampshire on Thursday evening.

"We don't even really know what the facts are here," he said. "This is obviously a depraved act and something that those families don't even know how to deal with at this point. So that's where we should focus."

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