One thing that really grinds our gears is when politicians think one group deserves greater access to fundamental rights than another group - whether they’re Republicans or Democrats.

Last month, after a deranged man shot at members of Congress practicing for a baseball game, we heard calls for extending concealed carry rights.

Conveniently, there was already a national CCW reciprocity bill sitting in Congress that had been introduced in early 2017. With Republicans controlling both houses, it could have been taken up and passed quickly. But, perhaps fearing what the anti-gun, Moms Demand crowd would say about them, lawmakers backtracked.

Oh, they still wanted greater concealed carry rights - but only for them. Only for the special people.

What makes their rights or their lives more valuable than yours, or your child’s, your spouse's, your parent's?

Why should YOU have to worry about being in compliance with a patchwork of state and local concealed carry laws as you go on your summer travels while the ruling class doesn't have to?

We are strongly opposed to any bills that give special rights to one class of people. 

Please stand with FPC and let your representatives know that concealed carry reciprocity should be applied EQUALLY to all law-abiding people.