Since we are basing public policy on the opinions of children, let's include inmates while we're at it. 

Via CBS SF Bay Area: 

Behind the historic walls of San Quentin are scores of men who wrote their life stories by committing acts of violence. Most of them used a gun.

While the debate over gun control rages outside the walls of the famed prison, inside those convicted of violent acts including murder freely voiced their opinion on how easy it was to get a weapon.

Rahsaan Thomas was convicted of second-degree murder at the age of 29. He got his gun illegally on the streets.

“(I got it from the) back of a trunk,” he said. “600 bucks. It’s easy, easy as having the money.”

Micheal Webb was 17 when he was convicted of murder. He has been behind bars for 47 years.

“I got mine illegally,” he said. “Hanging out on the street corner so I was able to get it”...

It’s a lifestyle all to familiar to Hieu Nguyen — a former San Jose gang member who is serving time for second-degree murder.

“I carried a gun all the time,” he said. “I used to have a Mac-10, I used to have a .44, a 380, a 9 millimeter.”

Hieu believes banning guns will only heat up the black market for weapons.

“Those gangs, those criminal people, that want to do criminal thing they will go to the black market and purchase the gun,” he said.

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