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Kristina Davis for The San Diego Union-Tribune reports:

If the lawyers arguing both sides of a controversial concealed weapons case agreed on one thing Tuesday, it was that the constitutional right to bear arms extends outside the home.

The panel of 11 judges with the U.S. 9th Circuit Court of Appeals appeared to agree on the same point, but to what degree was less than clear as arguments on the issue wrapped up in San Francisco.

he en banc panel is being asked to re-examine California’s concealed weapons law and whether individual counties can set their own rules restricting who can and cannot tote hidden guns.

“The Second Amendment, does it change from county to county?” asked Judge Consuelo Maria Callahan.

In a courtroom filled to capacity, the panel heard arguments from the parties in two similar cases out of San Diego and Yolo counties in which citizens sued after being denied concealed weapons permits….

The local case originated in a 2009 lawsuit by Edward Peruta, a part-time San Diego resident and the owner of an independent news service, and other gun owners. They are being backed by the National Rifle Association.

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