Asm. Gipson’s AB 7, which would prohibit the carrying of a long gun in the unincorporated area of a county, passed out of the California State Senate's Public Safety Committee. 

The measure passed 5-2, on a party line vote. 

Since it’s already illegal in California to openly carry a loaded firearm, and in many parts of the state it’s essentially impossible to obtain a concealed carry permit, AB 7 represents a huge step on the path to eliminating the fundamental Second Amendment right to bear arms in the Golden State.

If one does not have the ability to bear arms in the State of California, concealed or openly, how exactly is one to exercise their Constitutionally enumerated right to bear arms?

Unfortunately, the most of the members of the Senate Public Safety Committee have continued to prove they don't really care. 

Now that the bill has passed, we need to continue to fight it in the Appropriations committee. 

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