Two extremely dangerous anti-gun bills will be heard tomorrow morning.

We need you to do 4 very simple things TODAY — they’ll take just a few minutes — that could very well kill these two bills:

Senate Bill 707, to be heard by the Assembly Committee on Public Safety, would expand the criminal possession of firearms under the “Gun Free School Zone Act of 1995” to law-abiding people who have a license to carry (“CCW”) and remove the CCW exemption for even incidental possession of ammunition on a school campus. (For more information on SB 707, read FPC’s July 7 supplemental letter of opposition and June 23 letter of opposition.)

Assembly Bill 1134, which will be heard by the Senate Committee on Public Safety, would allow sheriffs to abandon their responsibility to accept and process carry license applications to a single, unelected anti-gun police chief by verbal agreement. It would also mean that fewer Californians will be able to acquire or renew a carry license. (For more information on AB 1134, read FPC’s June 24 letter of opposition.)

Here’s what we need you to do BEFORE 5 p.m. TODAY:

1) Join or donate to FPC and fund the fight against SB 707, AB 1134, and SB 347.

2) Call the members of the Assembly Committee on Public Safety and urge them to vote “NO” on SB 707:

  • Asm. Quirk (D): (916) 319-2020
  • Asm. Jones-Sawyer (D): (916) 319-2059
  • Asm. Low (D): (916) 319-2028
  • Asm. Santiago (D): (916) 319-2053
  • Asm. Melendez (R): (916) 319-2067
  • Asm. Lackey (R): (916) 319-2036

3) Call the members of the Senate Committee on Public Safety and urge them to vote “NO” on AB 1134:

  • Sen. Hancock (D): (916) 651-4009
  • Sen. Leno (D): (916) 651-4011
  • Sen. Liu (D): (916) 651-4025
  • Sen. Glazer (D): (916) 651-4007
  • Sen. Monning (D): (916) 651-4017
  • Sen. Anderson (R): (916) 651-4038
  • Sen. Stone (R): (916) 651-4028

4) SHARE / FORWARD this important message to at least 5 other pro-gun Californians — urge them to OPPOSE SB 707 and AB 1134 before 5 p.m. TODAY.

If you do not stand with us and oppose SB 707 and AB 1134 before 5 p.m. today, it’s hard to imagine that they will not pass tomorrow.