Just as they have in year’s past, the Legislative Conference Committee on Budget just voted on raiding another fund that is fully financed by gun buyers.

This time, they plan on raiding the Firearms Safety Fund, which you pay in to every time you purchase a gun!

Every single committee member, except for Senators Nielsen and Bates, agreed to take $4.7 million of your money and give it to a failed government program that has proven to be totally ineffective.

Meaning even Republican Assemblymembers Kristen Olsen and Jay Olbernolte voted with Democrats in favor of raiding OUR money.

The Armed Prohibited Persons Program (APPs) recently raided the Dealer Record of Sale (DROS) fees (yes, you pay those too), with the intent to take away guns from people who, according to the Legislature, shouldn’t have them.

FPC stood in firm opposition to that policy as DROS fees were only intended to run the DROS program, making it “easier” for you to purchase a firearm. We also opposed it as we knew the APPs program would continue to be a total failure.

The problem: street-hardened criminals are shockingly not on the list.

The committee also voted along party lines to give anti-gun AG Kamala Harris the authority to raise the fees to pay even more into the failed APPs program!

This is OUR surplus, not the Legislature’s and Kamala’s piggy bank.

Additionally, the committee, with the exception of Nielsen and Bates again, earmarked $5 million of taxpayer money to be used for the purpose of incentivizing law enforcement to do their job and literally take guns away from the people who aren’t supposed to have guns.

The same job that they should have been doing already when DROS funds were raided last time!

1. Call the two Senators that stood up for gun owners and thank them for their stand!
Sen. Bates-R – 916-651-4036
Sen. Nielsen-R – 916-651-4004

2. Call the Members of the committee who voted in favor of the proposal and ask them why they voted to raid the Firearms Safety Fund to fund a failed government program!
Asm. Olbernolte-R – 916-319-2033
Asm. Olsen-R – 916-319-2012

Sen. Leno-D – 916-651-4011
Sen. Lara-D – 916-651-4011
Sen. Hancock-D – 916-651-4009
Asm. Ting-D – 916-319-2019
Asm. Gonzalez-D – 916-319-2080
Asm. Bloom-D – 916-319-2050