Obtaining a CCW permit is already a laborious process in California, and in some counties it is nearly impossible to get one.

But Sacramento Assemblyman Kevin McCarty wants to make it even more difficult to get and maintain your license to carry. 

He’s sponsored two bills that would allow anti-gun sheriffs to charge additional FEES on top of the hundreds of dollars you already pay to get and retain your CCW permit.

AB 450 allows sheriffs to charge “reasonable costs” to issue and enforce the license, but doesn’t define what a reasonable cost is, clearing the way for anti-gun sheriffs to consider the exercising of a constitutional right as a profit center.

Then, McCarty’s AB 466 would hold CCW applicants to a higher – and subjective – standard of “good cause,” thereby giving anti-gun sheriffs the power to deny CCW’s by TYRANNICAL FIAT.

These laws would create a caste system of haves and have-nots in California as CCW permits become so expensive that many will be priced out of renewing them and few people would be able to prove they are “in harm’s way” more than the “mainstream public.”

It’s no secret that the end result McCarty is hoping for is fewer CCW permits. When asked about that possibility, he told the Sacramento Bee:

“I don’t view that as a bad result. We put the public at risk with some of these issuances.”

He believes that you should have to prove that you “truly deserve” to exercise your rights, and only if you are in “imminent harm.”

And though there may be fewer CCW permits due to the additional burdens these bills create, some people may elect to simply not comply and carry a gun anyway – and there would be no background check, training, or FBI monitoring of those people.

Before McCarty’s power grab, county sheriffs elected by their constituents had the authority to issue CCW’s based on what they viewed as good cause.

Sign this petition to stand up against Kevin McCarty’s power grab.

Then call Assemblyman McCarty 916-319-2007 and tell him you support background checks, training, and to keep his hands off your wallet!