AB 2607 was heard earlier today, and it is one of the most unconstitutional measures we have seem yet.

The bill, authored by Assemblymember Phil Ting (D-San Francisco), seeks to expand the scope of the recently enacted unconstitutional gun violence restraining orders.

It allows an employer, a coworker, a mental health worker who has seen the person as a patient, or an employee of a secondary or postsecondary school that the person has attended to file for a gun violence restraining order.

If this bill were to be signed, your boss, your coworkers or your anti-gun, indoctrinating professor could strip away your Second Amendment rights.

There was a chance earlier to kill the bill in the incredibly anti-gun Assembly Public Safety Committee. Powerful arguments from the FPC-led coalition were able to sway some democrats from voting on the bill.

Unfortunately, there were two democrats, Patty Lopez and Evan Low, who weren't in the room to hear those.

Thanks to you, we were able to jam up their phone systems to the point that we shut them down urging them to vote with the ACLU, public defenders and mental health professionals in opposing this bill.

But it wasn't enough this time. The bill barely made it out of the committee.

Now this and the 7 anti-gun bills that made it out of committee yesterday (one got moved to another date) are all heading to Appropriations next. This is where a good chunk of all bills go to die as the committee will hold them for fiscal concerns.

We need to be proactive and start voicing our opposition to these bills and asking the committee to send them to the "Suspense File" and keep them there. (That essentially means they cost too much money to implement and keeping them on the Suspense File is their way of killing bills without actually having to vote "NO").

Act now and sign the petition demanding all of the GunMeggedon bills are moved to the Suspense File.