How about they stay on their side of the pond... 

Oliver Lane for Breitbart reports:

The Times newspaper has waded into the US Second Amendment debate, blaming gun crime in Britain on the sale of blank-firing pistols sourced from across the Atlantic.

Gun crime spiked immediately after the total ban of handguns in the United Kingdom in 1997, and has been fluctuating ever since, as police struggled to contain the flow of imported banned weapons which easily find their way into criminal hands. One method of acquiring a working firearm is the purchase of pistol blank-firers – which can be modified to take live ammunition – from dealers in other countries who will post them by ordinary mail to addresses in the United Kingdom, where they are illegal.

The US is seen as one of those source countries because of the large numbers of firearms on the market as guaranteed by the Second Amendment to the US Constitution.

The Times reports the comments of Britain’s police head of firearms, West Midlands chief constable David Thompson, who told the paper that blank-firers not only could function as ordinary hand-guns, but looked “as close to a handgun as you can get”. His West Midlands constabulary is now the gun-crime centre of the UK, overtaking London for the first time earlier this year as ethnic gangs battle it out for territory.

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