How would they describe a machine gun, then?

Via Breitbart: 

The Los Angeles Times described commonly-owned semiautomatic firearms as “rapid-fire weapons” on Monday, continuing its campaign for gun control.

The ominous description is part of the left’s habit of describing AR-15s and other commonly-owned semiautomatics as weapons of war.

The Times segued into the topic while warning that President Trump’s Supreme Court nominee, Brett Kavanaugh, could vote to overturn “assault weapons” bans. The paper quickly re-classified “assault weapons” as “rapid-fire weapons,” warning that a conservative court could overturn bans on “rapid-fire weapons.”

These claims overlook the fact that a semiautomatic rifle fires one round each time the trigger is pulled, period. The same is true for a semiautomatic handgun or a double-action revolver.

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