Fake news... 

Via Breitbart: 

Late-night Jimmy Kimmel tweeted CNN’s inflated school shooting stats on Monday, which claim school shootings occur “57 times” more often in the U.S. than other “industrialized nations combined.”

Kimmel’s tweet links to a report in which CNN admits the stats include “gang violence, fights and domestic violence,” as well as “accidental discharges” of firearms, and that includes incidents where the legal firearms are possessed by a police officer on campus.

For example, CNN published a condensed version of their study on May 18, the day of the attack on Santa Fe High School. That study, like the larger one, claims that the U.S. has had, “on average, one school shooting every week this year.” But when Breitbart News examined the study we found that one of CNN’s school shootings was an April 9, 2018, incident in which one student shot a BB gun at another. We found that CNN’s list contained a March 13, 2018, incident in which a police officer, who was a school teacher, accidentally discharged his firearm into the ceiling of classroom in Oceanside, California.

In another incident, CNN counted the March 20, 2018, “unintentional” discharge of a firearm in a Los Angeles school as a school shooting. ABC7 described as an “accidental” incident but CNN counted it as a school shooting.

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