This is the kind of "unbiased journalism" they expect you to pay for. 

Via Breitbart: 

CBS ‘This Morning’ talked gun laws with a panel of six “Millennial Women,” one of whom owned a gun, voted for Hillary Clinton, and supports more gun control.

The panel consisted of three Republicans and three Democrats.

One of the Democrats, Lauren Hughes, was the only gun owner on the panel. An attorney by profession, she suggested criminal background checks are not enough; that deeper mental background checks must be incorporated as well.

A Republican, Colette Forster, expressed support for people using guns “to protect themselves, their families, and their homes,” but she believes this can be done with a revolver and/or a non-semiautomatic rifle or shotgun. She then voiced support for Hughes’ mental background check scenario and suggested we ban on all semiautomatic firearms.

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