Not so shocking news...

Via Breitbart:

On January 14, the Los Angeles Times observed that California pursues more gun control than other states thanks to Democrat rule.

This observation was contained in an column written to express disappoint that President Obama did not spend more time pushing gun control in the State of the Union (SOTU) address.

For example, the LA Times pointed out that an empty seat honoring shooting victims was kept by first lady Michelle Obama during the SOTU, but Obama did not say a word about it during his address. The Times countered that things would be different in California–that things are different–because Democrat rule has birthed an endless gun control push.

According to the Times, “Oh, well. California is moving ahead on guns with a November ballot initiative and legislation in the Capitol.” And they quoted Field Poll director Mark DiCamillo, who said, “California is different. This state always has been more supportive of controlling gun ownership than the rest of the country.” And DiCamillo indicated that this is so because “California is dominated by Democrats who mostly favor gun control.”

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