From the article: "The Firearms Policy Coalition (FPC) made clear they are not surprised that Attorney General Xavier Becerra used “11th-hour tactics to push [an] anti-gun agenda…right before a major holiday.” FPC attorneys are combing through the new regulations and announced that there will be a public hearing on those regs, including definitions, at “10 a.m. on January 8, 2018, at the Resources Building Auditorium in Sacramento.”

Via Breitbart:

The California Department of Justice is publishing new “assault weapons” regulations over the Thanksgiving holiday weekend.

The regulations cover “assault weapons” definitions, which means they detail what the state considers an “assault weapon” based on certain cosmetic features and/or accessories.

The regulations are full of legalese and therefore use an exorbitant number of words to explain that AR-15s with “bullet buttons” will be officially banned as “assault weapons” moving forward.

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