We just scored a major victory! 

Thanks to thousands of emails and phone calls, FPC has been successful in leading an effort to KILL three "assault weapons" bills!  

HB 1134 and SB 5050 would have represented outright bans on many semi-automatic rifles.   

HB 1387, on the other hand, would have required the registration of commonly-used semi-automatic rifles nad "large capicity" magazines. 

That bill would have also forced extended wait times on the purchase of so-called "assault weapons," which are broadly defined under HB 1387.  

But we killed them! 

While we were successful in stopping these insidious bills, there is still more work to be done. 

The Legislature still passed a ton of bills we need to take action on. 

Please consider supporting our Washington lobbying program so we can ensure the Second Amendment is protected from the Legislature!