The anti-gunners in Oregon did it.

With the help of a so-called Republican and a hastily-called committee meeting on the eve of Independence Day, the anti-gunners managed to pass SB 719, State Senator Brian Boquist’s (R-Dallas) secret gun confiscation hearing bill, on to the Governor’s desk.

Thanks to the immense pressure you put on the House Rules Committee (over 2,000 emails opposing SB 719 were received), they were forced to quietly and quickly run this bill through at the last minute - but not before some lawmakers argued passionately against it.

Rep. Mike McLane (R-Powell Butte), an officer in the Oregon Air National Guard, told the committee:

[We’re] seizing people’s property, taking away their lawful rights, all in the name of keeping them safe…when there is no evidence that they’re at risk of harming themselves.

This is like the movie Minority Report with the precogs. Are we really going to seize people’s knives, baseball bats, because they’re deemed by a judge to likely be violent in the future?

I’m just startled by the looseness of this language, and I’m voting no. I put on the record why I’m voting no. I see all sorts of problems with this.

Sen. Boquist might want to learn a bit about his party’s stance on the Second Amendment if he is going to continue claiming to be a member. This bill was so bad that even four Democrats voted against it.

And now it’s on Bloomberg crony Governor Kate Brown’s desk. He and his Ceasefire Oregon buds expect her to sign it - after all, that’s why her campaign was flush with $250,00 of anti-gunner money.

Take a minute to tell Kate Brown to say “Hell no” to this assault on liberty.