Chip In $10

It's reassuring to know that our elected officials are familiar with the matters they vote on.

Via Bearing Arms:

She wants to keep us from being able to buy “high capacity, rapid-fire magazines.” Well, surprisingly enough, that’s not really a problem. She can regulate those just as easily as she can regulate unicorns, dragons, and honest politicians because none of those things exist...

...You see, there’s no such thing as a “rapid-fire magazine.” They don’t exist and can’t exist. That’s because the magazine has nothing to do with the cyclic rate of the weapons in question. That’s a function of the weapon itself, not the magazine...

...I’m sure trying to explain the difference between an actual military-style weapon and the AR-15 sold to the public would cause her eyes to glaze over. Instead, she’s focusing on the aesthetics of the weapon rather than the function. Which, again, is the problem you run into when people who don’t actually know anything about a topic try to create laws to regulate something.

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