At issue is a 2005 ordinance that says that the police department, after it seizes a hand gun, "shall dispose of such firearm by destroying the firearm.''

Via Arizona Daily Sun:

Claiming Tucson is violating Arizona law by requiring destruction of seized handguns, Attorney General Mark Brnovich asked the Arizona Supreme Court on Tuesday to cut off the city's $170 million a year in state aid.

In his new legal filing, Brnovich contends the 2005 city ordinance runs afoul of a series of state laws that sharply restrict the right of local governments to make their own gun laws. And he told the justices that a newly enacted state statute specifically gives him the right to intercede and ask the high court to punish offenders.

Officially, the lawsuit asks the high court to give Tucson a deadline by which they have to repeal the ordinance. That is unlikely to occur: Just hours earlier, council members voted unanimously to fight Brnovich in court, though they did agree to voluntarily stop the gun destruction until the Supreme Court rules.

That sets the stage for Brnovich to have to prove his claim of illegality to a majority of the justices.

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