All cops are created equal… But some cops are more equal than others.

At least that’s the caste system the California State Legislature is creating for the Handgun Roster.

For those that don’t know, the Handgun Roster was created to maintain a list of “not unsafe” handguns for sale in California.

But it actually has nothing to do with safety.

Instead, it’s a thinly-veiled road to prohibition that doubles as an extortion scheme. The California Department of Justice shakes manufacturers down for fees, takes guns off roster for cosmetic changes such as paint color, then mandates that new handguns include the non-existent technology of “microstamping” before they can be placed on the roster.

As it currently stands, selected law enforcement officers are exempt and can buy the newest models of every handgun their hearts desire (and sell them to anyone) .

Now AB 2165, authored by Asm. Bonta (D-Oakland) expands the types of sworn law enforcement officers that get this perk- but with a twist; only certain law enforcement officers would be able to buy and sell the off-roster guns or allow their families to inherit their lawfully-acquired firearms.

Only officers employed by a sheriff’s department, a municipal police department, the Highway Patrol, and a select few others would be allowed full access to firearms rights.

If you are a law enforcement officer for ANY other entity, you will be denied full property rights for any handgun purchased from a dealer that is not on the roster.

This includes probation officers, park rangers, airport police, hospital police, marshals of the Supreme Court, and a long list of others.

And we can’t fail to mention that the general public gets the shaft again.

For playing by the rules, these law-abiding gun owners just get pushed further down the tiers of the caste system.

If AB 2165 passes, the general public would be only allowed to purchase safe, modern firearms from a select few officers.

Ironically, private citizens will have more property rights than the new second-class sworn officers.

I know, it sounds confusing.

We mention time and time again that the anti-gun elitists will not be happy until they create a totally gun free California.

Law enforcement, many times, believe that they will continue to be exempted from these laws. Instead of standing with gun owners, their unions and lobbyists cut backroom deals.

But some are now cutting backroom deals against their fellow officers. It won’t be long before certain cops are the only ones exempted from other onerous gun laws.

So help us oppose AB 2165 and work to repeal the handgun roster entirely.

And if you are an officer, we need you to CALL your union and ask them what the hell is going on!

Make sure they know that you are not comfortable with them selling out your fellow officers and the law-abiding public!