Yesterday afternoon, anti-gun SB 719, pushed by Republican Senator Brian Boquist passed off the Senate floor by a vote of 17-11 and now heads to the Oregon House.

SB 719, which was recently "gutted-and-stuffed" by taking an unrelated bill and inserting anti-gun language into it, creates a secret process for obtaining "extreme risk protection orders" prohibiting people from possessing firearms. This will allow for secret court hearings that will be used to determine your Second Amendment rights by violating your rights to due process.

This has been a push by elitist billionaire Michael Bloomberg for the past few years. But instead of spending millions of dollars on an initiative like he has to do in Washington, Bloomberg is being handed this legislation on a silver platter by a supposedly “pro-gun” Republican.

But that won’t stop us from continuing the fight against this measure in the House. We have a ton of work to do, but, first, we must thank the legislators that stood up against the blatant lies that Boquist spewed on the Senate floor and voted no on SB 719.

Every member of the Republican Caucus (except for Boquist) and even a Democrat voted NO on this massive infringement.

Please take 20 seconds and send them all a thank you email. And then let's saddle up and BEAT this bill in the House!